New Beginnings..

Ms Huddar is busy with a teacher discussing the ongoing examinations when we walk into her room. She is the principal of the flourishing Girls Government Secondary School located in Vishrantwadi, Pune. Uncommon adjective for a government school where failing and floundering are more commonly used. But this school does face a unique conundrum as explained by Ms Huddar. “This year we saw girls leaving the private school in the vicinity to join our school.

Girls demonstrate a retail lesson

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Celebrating Skills, Hands On!

On 15th July 2015, countries across the globe celebrated the first World Youth Skills Day.

Tandulwadi program
A local entrepreneur addresses students of Koleshwar Vidyalay School, on occasion of WYSD

Koleshwar Vidyalay, a high school situated in the bustling little town of Tandulwadi, Maharashtra, too had planned a small program to mark the day. Associated with Lend-A-Hand India for 7 years now, they have been enthusiastic providers of skill education to their students. Students have been encouraged to apply their acquired skills in innovative and marketable projects, and several opt for technical education on graduation. It was only natural then that they chose to formally celebrate World Youth Skills Day. The school invited a local entrepreneur, Vijay Thorat to speak with the students and also to felicitate the Instructors who teach our multi skill vocational course in this school.

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A Tale of Success and Self Discovery

“I didn’t know there was such a big industrial zone, let alone so close to my village,” gushes 13 year old Karishma Mehboob Pathan. “And then to have presented our ideas to the bosses of big companies! It was nerve racking but exciting,” she shares as her other classmates nod in agreement, bursting to share their own experiences.

Just ahead of the festival of Dasshera, Karishma along with 20 of her classmates had visited the Maharashtra Industrial Development Corporation in Satara, to put forth their sales pitch. Under the watchful eyes of teachers, these girls in smaller groups visited over 33 companies. Their product – bright yellow and orange marigold flowers, carefully nurtured by all of them for over 3 months.   Continue reading “A Tale of Success and Self Discovery”

How I went from being a disinterested student to an inspired learner

P1110236Arun was an average student in school, content with the 50% he scored. “I attended school because my friends went too. I had no particular interest in studies,” he shares, now standing in front of his own class of students. Continue reading “How I went from being a disinterested student to an inspired learner”

Child’s Play : A Note from Bidada

Often we underestimate the cognitive capacities of children and hence, perhaps, the emphasis on listening and learning, than enabling them to think.

????????????????????????However, as a part of the Introduction to Basic Technology(IBT) curriculum, students in their second year are required to undertake a practical project that would translate their knowledge to goods, or services, for the school, villagers or community at large.The aim is not just to practice what they study, but also to inculcate a habit of thinking big and beyond.

Consider this venture of 14 students from Class 10 of Shri B.B.M. High School, Bidada – a village in western Kutch, Gujarat.

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