Multi Skill Foundation Course opens job opportunity for Girls in Elevator Industry!!

By Rohini,LAHI:

Lend-A-Hand-India has become a pioneer in scaling up vocational education at higher and secondary schools. Having a strong belief in the untapped potential of adolescence, both in rural and urban schools. Multi Skill Foundation Course (MSFC) provides a platform to students for exploring livelihood opportunities and understand the connection between theory and its practice in real life.The MSFC course is approved by National Skills Qualification Council as Job Role: Multi Skill Assistant Technician at 10th grade level and Multi Skill Technician at 12th grade level. This course delivered through ‘learning by doing’ method develops a holistic environment for both girls and boys to come together to learn skills such as electrical, soldering, carpentry, food processing, nutrition, gardening and nursery techniques. As a result, the students are able to get exposure to real life application of subjects like physics, chemistry, mathematics, geography, civics, and social science. The girl students, in particular, acquire unconventional skills otherwise considered as professions for male folks.

Employers such as A V Elevators, have taken a step ahead and provided internship opportunities for girls, for the first time, in their industry and are now interested in offering these girls jobs on successful completion of the internship.


av      Shir Aniket Navgire, founder of A V Electricals interviewing students for internship

A V Elevators conducted interviews and selected the students for the internship. They were glad to offer internships to the girl students. They said, “This is first time girls are working in an elevator industry. We encourage more girls to participate. Their safety in the workplace will be our utmost priority.”

Girl EleSonali Chavan is a 11th standard student of Rajiv Gandhi E-learning School, Pune. She belongs to a conservative lower middle-class family and is a first-generation learner. She resides at Indhira Nagar and her father work as coolie with local contactor in the fabrication sector and her neighbors are no different. She has been taught that field like electrical and fabrication are man’s job since early age, but determined to overcome such limitations and pursue her passion in it, she enrolled herself for an MSFC course along her friends. Today, she is doing an internship in the electrical and fabrication domain and inching closer to make her dreams a reality.

Girls FabSupriya is 11 th standard students who belongs to lower economic background. She is one of the sincere student. She feels that MSFC is dream come true course. She has seen poverty since childhood wanted to earn to overcome it. But due to financial constrain she will not able to opt for any course after 12th standard to become self- dependent. She will be not be able study further that is the reason why Supriya focused on MSFC classes. She realized that MSFC trainer taught us fabrication, basic engineering, this will give opportunity to earn for fulfill her basic needs and save some money for her further education.

girls at FabrNow, Supriya is one of the girls who’s doing an internship with AV Elevators. After completion, she will be working as an electrician and fulfill her dreams. This might just be her first step of success.

two girlsSnehal ( Right side) is another MSFC student, who is also doing an internship with AV Elevators, Pune. She is in 11th grade. As an electrician intern, she assisted senior electrical to install elevators in two weeks. She was initially not interested in studies and never aspired to work for any company. But, MSFC seeded an interest into her as she’s now being able to taste her own fruits of success and experience the results of whatever she is working on,this eventually led her to develop an interest in electricals. Today, she strives to pursue further studies so that she can become an engineer.

two grl                                                  Glimpse from working site

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