Child’s Play : A Note from Bidada

Often we underestimate the cognitive capacities of children and hence, perhaps, the emphasis on listening and learning, than enabling them to think.

????????????????????????However, as a part of the Introduction to Basic Technology(IBT) curriculum, students in their second year are required to undertake a practical project that would translate their knowledge to goods, or services, for the school, villagers or community at large.The aim is not just to practice what they study, but also to inculcate a habit of thinking big and beyond.

Consider this venture of 14 students from Class 10 of Shri B.B.M. High School, Bidada – a village in western Kutch, Gujarat.

In the 9th grade, these students had learnt how to conduct blood group testing and Haemoglobin count test as part of their Home and Health curriculum. This year, they decided to go a step ahead.  However, before they finalised the idea, they conducted a survey on feasibility of project. Once that was confirmed, groups to look after budgeting, spreading awareness and managining the logistics  were formed.

And so it came to be that on 18th July, 2014 seven boys and seven girls held a Blood Group Testing Camp for 263 schoolmates!

UntitledThe camp was inaugurated by a Trustee and the Principal of the school. The organising team had already split into two groups, a girls’ and a boys’ group who proceeded to check blood groups in the time frame of 4 hours. A lab technician from the nearby town of Mandvi had been invited for verifying the blood group tested, who was pleasantly surprised to see the accuracy with which the children had checked. They had failed to identify them only in 4-5 cases.

It was wonderful to see the high levels of enthusiasm mixed with quiet efficiency. Working in co-ordination, they maintained a smooth flow of the camp. And their efforts were well paid when they netted a profit of Rs. 4390!

Cheers to these teenagers for their efforts!


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